Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Meeting with Dr Rafael Calvo

The next step of the journey was to select an internal EIE supervisor.
After deep contemplation we selected Dr Rafael Calvo as the EIE internal supervisor for our project, refer to A meeting was swiftly organised in his luxurious office the aim to discuss the expectations, monitoring and marking of the project. During this meeting we also met the other friendly students undertaking engineering projects under Rafael's control and a short self introduction took place.

As I pondered the structure my thesis, Rafael distributed a sheet of paper which saved what would look to be a couple of hours of reading. This informative sheet outlined how to write a thesis in a student friendly format.

We quickly learnt that with our project we would have to set distinctive work boundaries for each member so that each individuals part can be distinguished from one another.

CSIRO Project Acquisition and Description

The final semester is fast approaching and with it comes the last mountain to be climbed where some will fall along the way. Like all mountains sits the test of truth at the top that will make or break some, this final test is ELEC4707 (The Engineering Project)

After speaking to Dr Shiping Chen at the CSIRO ICT division, and sending in our resumes, David Ma (SID: 200414178), Naimul Khaled (SID: 200414172) and I (SID: 200419452) acquired a project labeled "Open Source of Software Performance Testing Framework"
This team project collectively involves:
1. Building/deployment of an enterprise system capable of simulating simple transactions using a Java and/or Microsoft .Net framework.
2. Subjecting this system to testing using a given framework by the CSIRO
3. Documentation of findings and results.
4. Publication of code as open source along with documentation to allow for further improvement by the community.