Saturday, August 30, 2008

Current Updates and Group Discussion

Current updates to the framework:
- Implemented printReport() in to print out results into a file.
- Modified and cleaned up code in to increase readability.
- Lightweight example of Yahoo's search web service has been tested by the framework.

Meeting notes and development plans (
- Met with Shiping on 29/08/08, discussed further advancements and implementation of the framework.
- Applying the framework with large heavyweight applications in Java.
- C# integration and implementation of the framework to light and heavyweight applications to show high adaptability and versatility.
- Use of XML as the standard for file formatting and applying this to test.prop and the test results generated on file.
- Shiping strongly emphasised user friendlyness and a strong documentation base.
- Discussed getCL(), setCL(), getER(), setER() methods and how they function mathematically.
- Proposal of a graphing functions to portray average response time vs clients and latency vs occurance.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Group Meeting and Discussion

On the 12/8/08 we held a meeting regarding the deployment of the server. After much discussion and analysis of the pros and cons, we have decided to use Google as a web service as opposed to acquiring and deploying a web server.
Without much knowledge of web services and implementation of web services, we have tasked ourselves in reading and learning about Google's web service on the site.
Other results of this meeting included the creation and registration of the project on This was soon approved by the sourceforge admins and will be hosted on this site under the project name of "iTester" in my account.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Submission of Project Plan

After receiving Shiping's feedback on the project plan. It was then revised and submitted on the 1st of August at the Uni

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Meeting at CSIRO / Final Draft

A final draft was produced and taken to the meeting with Shiping for feedback on the 30/7/08.

This draft consisted of the following changes:
- Feasible dates added to milestones
- New tasks of acquiring and setting up server added.
- Edited resource assignment matrix
- Edited task dependency matrix

Meeting discussion included the following issues:
- Giving the project a name. Something without "java" or the name of a programming language within it. Also the project name consisting of the words "performance" and "testing".
- Cleaning up existing code; formatting, commenting etc.
- Addition of 4 new functions: setCL, setER, getCL, getER. (where CL = confidence level , ER = error reading).
- Relationship between CL and ER.
- Building vs deployment of the application to be tested.
- Acquisition of a web service / web server.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Code from CSIRO

Testing framework from the CSIRO was received today. This will be implemented and used as a key component in testing the application at interest. If need be further functionalities will be added to the code as required.