Saturday, October 25, 2008

Final Update and project submission

As we met with Shiping for the final meeting (24/10)
We were asked to show what we had done.
The final application implementations on the C# version of iTester yielded these applications which were demoed by myself:
- An application GoogleTester (Googles web service technology)
utilising the framework.
- An application ATMclient/ATMserver, a client/server setup utilising the framework
- An application HTTPResponse, a query over the http protocol on a defined URL utilising the framework
The user and developer manual had been written and uploaded to sourceforge's cvs site.
The Java application implementations and extensions (getCL(), setCL(), getER(), setER()) on the framework had been completed.

After handing Shipnig the project clearance form to sign and after a brief
discussion on the future maintenance of the iTester website, this marked the end of the incredible journey.