Saturday, August 2, 2008

Meeting at CSIRO / Final Draft

A final draft was produced and taken to the meeting with Shiping for feedback on the 30/7/08.

This draft consisted of the following changes:
- Feasible dates added to milestones
- New tasks of acquiring and setting up server added.
- Edited resource assignment matrix
- Edited task dependency matrix

Meeting discussion included the following issues:
- Giving the project a name. Something without "java" or the name of a programming language within it. Also the project name consisting of the words "performance" and "testing".
- Cleaning up existing code; formatting, commenting etc.
- Addition of 4 new functions: setCL, setER, getCL, getER. (where CL = confidence level , ER = error reading).
- Relationship between CL and ER.
- Building vs deployment of the application to be tested.
- Acquisition of a web service / web server.