Saturday, August 30, 2008

Current Updates and Group Discussion

Current updates to the framework:
- Implemented printReport() in to print out results into a file.
- Modified and cleaned up code in to increase readability.
- Lightweight example of Yahoo's search web service has been tested by the framework.

Meeting notes and development plans (
- Met with Shiping on 29/08/08, discussed further advancements and implementation of the framework.
- Applying the framework with large heavyweight applications in Java.
- C# integration and implementation of the framework to light and heavyweight applications to show high adaptability and versatility.
- Use of XML as the standard for file formatting and applying this to test.prop and the test results generated on file.
- Shiping strongly emphasised user friendlyness and a strong documentation base.
- Discussed getCL(), setCL(), getER(), setER() methods and how they function mathematically.
- Proposal of a graphing functions to portray average response time vs clients and latency vs occurance.